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4 of the Toughest Upholstery Stains to Remove

Mar 1, 2024 | Carpet Cleaning

4 of the Toughest Upholstery Stains to Remove
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It can be a daunting task for homeowners to clean upholstery, particularly when there are tough stains involved. DIY approaches may cause more damage than good and ruin your furniture in the process. If you’re having difficulty getting rid of an obstinate stain from your sofa, armchair, or loveseat, it is best to call experienced professionals who specialize in cleaning upholstery. They can revive the look of your furnishings while eliminating any pesky blemishes – especially with these four notoriously hard-to-remove marks!

Red Wine

Don’t let red wine stains ruin your evening! Gary’s Chem-Dry understands the importance of a stain-free home and has years of experience helping homeowners rid their furniture, upholstery, and other surfaces of any trace of those pesky red mishaps. Contrary to popular belief, our experts do not utilize white wine as a remedy; instead, they use an exclusive cleaning solution that eliminates the source at its roots so you never have to worry about it returning again.


If your children are frequently coming into the house scraped and bruised, or if you’re accident-prone yourself, those blood stains can be a difficult task to remove due to the bright color of the protein in it. But fear not! Our team is highly experienced when it comes to dealing with this type of stain. You just take care of tending to any wounds; let us handle everything else for you.


Even the most careful of us can sometimes find ourselves with melted chocolate or hot cocoa on our furniture. The combination of protein, fat, and sugar in chocolate creates a formidable mess that isn’t easily removed by water alone. Gary’s Chem-Dry offers an array of stain removal products to help lift away even the toughest stains, so you can indulge your sweet tooth without worrying about damaging your upholstery. Don’t hesitate to call Gary’s Chem-Dry today for all your stain removal needs!

Tomato Sauce

Worried that a tomato sauce spill will ruin your upholstery? You’re not alone! Tomato sauce spills can be downright daunting to remove due to their bold hues and oily texture. However, you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite Italian cuisine over the fear of an accident – our team is here for you if it does happen! So go ahead, and enjoy those delicious dishes without worry.

Avoid Further Damage By Calling Our Upholstery Cleaning Team

When your upholstery has been stained, it may be tempting to try and remove the stain yourself by using a variety of scrubbing techniques or cleaning products. However, this can often do more damage than good – rubbing an area with the stain can actually force the pigment further into its fibers making it even harder for you to take care of. Selecting the wrong product or technique can worsen your fabric and make the stain more stubborn. Instead of attempting to eradicate it on your own, let our experienced staff take care of it for you! Our specialized experts have both knowledge and expertise when dealing with removing stains from fabrics in all shapes and forms. Trust us; we’ll get that pesky spot out without any damage caused to your beloved items!

Besides professional stain removal, we offer upholstery protectant services too. This sustainable approach creates a shielding layer around the fibers of your furniture, thus offering you more time to soak up any mishaps before they can create a lasting mark.

Leave upholstery stains to the experts at Gary’s Chem-Dry! Call 918-664-0815 today to speak to a stain removal expert in Tulsa.

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