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Carpet Cleaning Don’ts

Jun 6, 2024 | Uncategorized

Carpet Cleaning Don’ts
The web is an abundant resource of advice, some good, others not so much. Just like many, you might have scoured the internet for deep carpet cleaning hacks only to end up more confused or even worse, damaging your carpet due to unreliable tips. Our experienced carpet cleaners in Tulsa often have to patch up mistakes done due to erroneous online information. Therefore, we aim to clarify some misconceptions we’ve encountered about carpet care.

Dazzling carpets using salt.

There seems to be a belief that salt can purify and brighten your carpet. However, in reality, salt alone cannot clean anything and your household vacuum will not be able to eliminate all the salt granules. This residual grit contributes to friction among the carpet fibers, leading to premature wear and tear.

If your carpets are starting to fade or show unsightly traffic wear, it’s best to seek professional deep carpet cleaning to restore their original lush color and elegance.

DIY carpet steaming with a clothes steamer or steam mop.

You might think you’re saving money by steaming your carpets using a clothes steamer or steam mop, but this is a grave mistake. These equipment are not designed for carpet cleaning. And more importantly, steam cleaning is not the best approach for deep carpet cleaning.

At Chem-Dry, we’ve formulated a superior process called Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) for optimum carpet cleanliness. Unlike steam cleaning, our methodology will not leave your carpets drenched or expose them to excessive heat – two common issues when using any type of steamer on your carpet.

Cleaning carpet with a scrub brush.

While scrubbing may be effective for dirty dishes, it is not recommended for your carpets. Carpets consist of intricate, fragile fibers, and scrubbing can adversely affect their texture, color, and longevity. Additionally, scrubbing a stain on your carpet can actually cause it to spread rather than eliminate it, which is why stain removal should be approached on a molecular level, as is done with our Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.®) and specialized stain removal services.

Utilizing vinegar for carpet cleaning.

Vinegar is often seen as a universal cleaning agent, but it’s not a miracle worker when it comes to deep carpet cleaning. Before resorting to vinegar, consider how you will eliminate the strong odor from your carpets. Often, homeowners end up calling Gary’s Chem-Dry for a professional deep cleaning following such failed DIY attempts.

Moreover, the unpleasant vinegar odor isn’t the only reason to avoid using it on your carpets. Its acidity can pose a challenge to the color and texture of your carpet, potentially causing fading and rigidity.

Choose Specialized Deep Carpet Cleaning

By choosing our deep carpet cleaning services, you need not risk damaging your carpet to rejuvenate its beauty. Our HCE process proficiently lifts and removes deeply embedded soil from your carpets. As our technique sparingly uses water and excludes soapy detergents, it doesn’t dampen your carpets for days or leave a sticky residue.

With our professional carpet cleaners, you can resume your everyday life within a few hours, free from unpleasant smells often associated with DIY cleaning methods. Instead, your carpets will have a fresh, clean look and scent. Plus, you’ll have contributed to their durability while enhancing your home’s health.

Commence a trustworthy deep carpet cleaning process! Contact Gary’s Chem-Dry at 918-664-0815 today and schedule your Tulsa carpet cleaning.

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