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Remember to Include Carpet Cleaning in Your Spring Clean-Up

Apr 2, 2024 | Uncategorized

Remember to Include Carpet Cleaning in Your Spring Clean-Up
The season of deep cleaning is upon us. By now, you’ve decluttered your wardrobes, scrubbed the grime off the oven, dusted off hard-to-reach areas, and even conducted a garage sale to rid of unwanted items. You might think you’re done with spring cleaning for the year, but there’s one crucial task remaining – your carpets are long overdue for a deep clean. Accumulated dirt, dust, and debris can make carpet cleaning seem daunting, but there’s no need to worry. You can enlist the help of professional carpet cleaners in Tulsa to aid you in wrapping up your spring clean checklist and welcome the summer holidays.

The Perfect Time for Professional Carpet Cleaners

Rescheduling your carpet cleaning for later in the year might seem tempting considering all the cleaning you’ve already done. But if your carpets haven’t been professionally cleaned for a while, scheduling an appointment now will be a worthy investment of your time before diving into summer festivities.

Breath New Life Into Your Carpets, Air, and Home

You’ve invested too much time and effort in tidying up your home to continue living with soiled carpets. Carpets act as filters, trapping dust, pollen, and grime from shoes, clothing, and through open windows – helping to keep your indoor air clean. But without regular deep cleaning, these particles will eventually find their way back into your living space. Plus, if anyone in your household has allergies, asthma, or other health conditions, these particles can exacerbate their symptoms.

Boosting Your Home Aesthetics

Health benefits aside, freshly cleaned carpets can enhance the visual appeal of your home. Aren’t the fruits of your cleaning labor meant to be enjoyed in a more beautiful living environment? Your carpets will look fresher, cleaner, and more vibrant after a deep clean. Even if you think your carpets aren’t that dirty, you’ll notice a significant difference post-cleaning. Dingy carpets can overshadow all your cleaning efforts – don’t let that happen!

Preserving Carpet Lifespan

Lastly, professionally cleaned carpets can increase your carpet’s lifespan. Manufacturers generally recommend professional cleaning every six months, and more frequently if you have pets, children, or allergy sufferers. Regular cleaning prevents dirt and grime from wearing down carpet fibers and helps remove stains before they permanently set in. This can save you money in the long run.

Get Summer-Ready with Chem-Dry Professional Carpet Cleaners

Scheduling a professional carpet cleaning with Gary’s Chem-Dry this spring can help you gear up for the upcoming summer. Our stain-protectant treatment can be a godsend if you have kids inviting friends over during the school holiday. This will give you more time to tackle accidental spills and messes before they become permanent carpet residents. It also provides peace of mind as your family transitions between indoor and outdoor activities.

To conclude your spring cleaning ritual with a professional carpet deep clean, reach out to our expert carpet cleaners in Tulsa at 918-664-0815 .

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