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Top Four Carpet Cleaning Mistakes You Might Be Making

Jul 1, 2024 | Uncategorized

Top Four Carpet Cleaning Mistakes You Might Be Making
As expert carpet cleaners in Tulsa, we have seen quite a variety of carpets. Regrettably, we’ve also encountered numerous carpet cleaning blunders. Here are the four most frequent ones made by homeowners so that you can dodge them.

Ignoring Regular Vacuuming.

You most likely understand the importance of frequent vacuuming. It’s integral to maintaining a tidy home. Yet, do you fully comprehend the significance of vacuuming and its regularity?

Dirt and debris are efficiently removed from your carpets through regular vacuuming. Prolonged accumulation of dirt can lead to damage to your carpet fibers. Furthermore, carpets trap dust particles from the air, preventing them from circulating in your home. But, if the dirt level becomes excessive, the trapping function diminishes, potentially worsening your indoor air quality.

We advise weekly vacuuming of all carpets in your house, and more often if you have kids, pets, or wear shoes indoors to maintain clean carpets.

Neglecting to Protect High-Traffic Zones

Consider your movement patterns at home. Certain areas such as hallways, entryways, and areas in front of furniture may receive much more foot traffic than others. These areas require special attention considering their high use. One method of preserving these high-traffic zones is by placing a rug. If you already have a rug, rotating it regularly balances the wear.

If you can’t get a rug, ensure these areas are vacuumed regularly. We also provide a carpet protectant that adds a protective layer to your carpet, safeguarding it from potential stains common in these high footfall areas.

Vigorously Scrubbing Stains

The natural reaction when something spills on your carpet is usually to grab a cloth and start scrubbing. However, vigorous scrubbing often exacerbates the stain and spreads it further. Dabbing at stains gently is a more effective approach. Ensure to use a white cloth, as colored or patterned ones run the risk of transferring dye onto the carpet, worsening the situation.

If blotting doesn’t work, it’s advisable to contact professional carpet cleaners like us, Gary’s Chem-Dry. We’ve seen numerous DIY stain removal attempts end disastrously. It’s best left to professionals if you want to maintain your carpet’s aesthetics.

Skipping Professional Cleaning Sessions

One may assume that regular vacuuming and prompt spill cleanup is taking adequate care of the carpet. But, the truth is, a vacuum only cleans up the upper layer of your carpet. Dust and dirt that aren’t sucked in by the vacuum settle deep near the carpet backing, causing a worn-out texture and appearance over time. The only way to eradicate this deep-seated grime is through professional cleaning. Even if your carpets seem clean, a professional cleaning session can bring about a noticeable improvement in how they look and feel.

Are you guilty of any of the aforementioned cleaning errors? Our professional carpet cleaning squad in Tulsa is here to help you prevent further damage and extend your carpet’s life. Dial 918-664-0815 today to get started!

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